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Guido Mine

grafika_logo-02.jpgThe first structure striking tourists visiting “Guido’ mine is the "Railway” shaft hoisting tower, built in 1931. This steel, riveted tower, up to 1888 was of wooden construction. The “Railway” shaft (diameter of 4m) is equipped with a “Berlin” hoisting machine from 1927 (with a 560kW DC motor), which transports visitors to the levels of 170m and 320m below the ground. It is worth noting that this is still the original machine from 1927, subject to ongoing maintenance only. The “Guido” mine visitors descend into the ground with a speed of 4 m/s in the original mining cage, mounted on 980 meters long steel ropes with a diameter of 46mm. Each cage consist of three floors. Each floor accommodates up to 25 people. Slower than in active mines, but fast enough and in such an interesting environment, that the journey in the undergrounds itself is the unforgettable experience.


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The Coal Mining Museum

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The Coal Mining Museum is the largest and most important tourist and cultural institution in Zabrze. From April 2nd 2013 the Museum is a single entity, established on the basis of merging the Historic Guido Coal Mine with the former Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze (with a seat located in the former county office at 3 Maja Street 19). The new institution comprises the Queen Louise Adit complex as well, which, along with the Guido Mine, will soon become one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Zabrze. The complex consists of the Queen Louise Mine and Main Key Hereditary Adit underground galleries.
The newly established Coal Mining Museum offers a wide range of tourist and museum offer, above all aimed at exploring the region's mining heritage. The visitors can enjoy here the deepest located tourist routes in a coal mine in Europe, offering many activities, relating to both the contemporary and historical mining.

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Queen Louise Adit

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The Main Key Hereditary Adit will offer the complex of various tourist routes based on 4km of excavations.
Tourists will start their incredible journey from the Carnall shaft where, greeted by a mining guide, will descent into the undergrounds in a panoramic lift. A simulated pit cage crash will have a chilling effect on the visitors, being the announcement of an unforgettable journey into the depths of the Earth and the history of mining.
After reaching the adit level, tourists will start the tour by overcoming the 550m long tunnel with the use of battery-powered boats, passing three-dimensional productions, listening to the sounds of mining machines and pickaxes, reverberating through the galleries. A great experience will be the visit to the cargo port, where coal would be loaded on boats with the use of a special, timber crane.


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Miners hanging train on the level 320 Discover Guido Coal Mine! Historical exit of The Queen Louise Adit



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